Purism Librem 13 Ordered

Purism Librem 13 Ordered

I have been happy with my Lenovo x230 up until this point, but was really looking for a 1080p screen, NVMe support, and USB-C. Purism recently started supporting Coreboot and added an i7 processor to the 13″ model which helped sway my decision on purchasing a new laptop.

It certainly was not a cheap purchase, nevertheless I am glad that they are supporting Coreboot and working on reverse engineering Intel ME. Hopefully they will continue to contribute to open source and their work on freedom-respecting computers. I believe in voting with your dollars and want to see more current hardware supported by Coreboot in the future.

The i7 models are currently back ordered, but it sounds like my new laptop should ship sometime in August or September. I may decide to write up a simple review or comparison to the x230 once it arrives.


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