Separating Work/Life Data

Separating Work/Life Data

As a system administrator I deal with a lot of different systems and accounts on a daily basis. Over the last six months I have been struggling with the idea of splitting work from my personal life. I would like to keep them separate, but the thought of carrying two laptops makes me cringe.

Qubes OS aims to solve this problem and many others by splitting these actives into different AppVMs. Qubes OS 3.2 was released recently and I thought now would be a good time to try switching.

After installing Qubes, I had it create the basic AppVMs. These included untrusted, personal, and work. I am a big fan of Debian so I switched all the default VMs to the debain-8 template. The last step was to configure my personal and work AppVMs which included a new LastPass account and adding some applications to the template.

Now I will work on getting used to the new work flow and plan on adding interesting information to the blog as I run across it.


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